Pegasus' Hair + Nail Oil

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A dual-action nourishing and strengthening oil for hair and nails; Pegasus Hair+Nail Oil can be used as a daily leave-in conditioner, or a weekly hair masque. Daily application to brittle or flakey nails will promote growth and strength.  Horsetail, Sage and Comfrey work as tissue regenerators, while the essential oils of Rosemary and Lavender add extra strength to the hair follicles and freshness to your self care routine.
Daily leave in conditioner: Apply 4-10 drops to towel dried hair and leave in.
Weekly Masque: Massage oil into the scalp and saturate hair with 2+ droppers full. Leave in overnight. Wash and style hair as usual
Nail strengthener: Apply 1 drop to all 10 fingernails. Rub in, repeat daily. Allow approx. 3 weeks to see results.
Olive Oil, Horsetail, Sage leaf, Mint leaf, Nettle leaf, Comfrey leaf, Rosemary leaf. Essential oils of Rosemary + Lavender
*all organic ingredients