Sunshine Cream

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This is a rich multi-purpose moisturizer that can be used as a daily face cream or an intense rejuvenator for dry or damaged skin. The combination of calendula and chamomile serves as the ultimate skin care agent and deeply nourishes all skin types. This cream can be used on burns and rashes alike; it’ll be your best friend after a long day in the sun!
Sunshin Cream is great for:
dry skin
healing tattoos
cracked heels
and many other skin issues*.
*for external use only - these products are not intended as treatment for serious medical issues. 
Clean area thoroughly, and apply cream freely, as many times a day as needed (usually once or twice is enough). 
Sweet almond oil, shea butter, flowers of calendula + chamomile, distilled water, aloe vera + sea kelp gel, beeswax, grapefruit seed extract
*all organic ingredients