A collection of hand built ceramic altar pieces such as offering bowls, incense holders and unique vessels for herbs, jewelry, crystals etc. 


Altar pieces have been used for millennia as representations of and offerings to several deities across the world. Today we are re-igniting such practises as a way toward spiritual ascension. There are as many ways to reach enlightenment as there are personalities in the world (and more so). For many, creating an altar with meaningful items is a meditation and a grounding practice which reconnects one to their Truth.

The Hallowed Apothecary's altar pieces are hand built unique pieces. Made with the intention for you to weave ancient Earth wisdom (as clay itself takes hundreds to thousands of years to form) into your modern day life. The offering of ceramic pieces is an invitation to dive into your imagination and memory, to a time when humans lived closer to the earth and stars, and were more connected to the elements that make up our world. There is deep Magic in this connection with nature, and these altar pieces are a representation of such a practice, in our current phase of humanity. 
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