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Welcome to The Hallowed Apothecary. I would love to share a few simple and true statements with you about this endeavour...

The Hallowed Apothecary was born out of a longing for a creative life working with natural materials; to weave the mundane with the magical and deepen my own connection to the Earth.
I moved to Vancouver, Canada with my husband in 2016 from Beirut, Lebanon. While waiting for my immigration papers to be processed, I had a lot of time to myself, to ponder my purpose here and what kind of life I wanted to create for myself and my growing family. The vision of offering my herbal, ceramic, and other creations to people as a way to develop self-love rituals came through slowly. I want to live a life where creativity, healing, and connectedness all go hand-in-hand.  

The Hallowed Apothecary is my passion project and labor of love. I make the body products out of my own kitchen and home workshop in East Vancouver, BC. I'm part of a pottery club, where I create the ceramic altar pieces. I live and love with my husband who is a Luthier/Builder striving to work out of his own workshop in our backyard. "To create" is the sole message that continuously comes through when I question my purpose. And so, The Hallowed Apothecary is the vessel into which I breathe life through my own inner journey of self inquiry, exploration and experimentation through various mediums. 

Each product is a result of necessity in my home + creativity + curiosity. In our home, we like to use all-natural materials as much as possible and, like many of you, that includes what goes onto our skin and into our bodies. Through life’s adventurous ups and downs, we are always presented with new circumstances. I like to view such situations as portals for new products to come through, striving to use simple ingredients in different ways. The Sunshine Cream, for example, has gone through several stages of fine-tuning, to help heal my husband's eczema and my overly dry skin. We use the ceramic pieces in many areas of the house - from spoon plates in the kitchen to jewelry vessels in the bathroom. Of course, we use them on our altars as offering bowls as well!

It is my offering to the world to support you on your own path of self-awareness and self-Love. My aim is to inspire you to cultivate self-love and awareness through caring for your Being on different levels, such as creating a simple skincare routine, or sitting at your altar every day to ponder the magnificence of existence. I invite you to slow down, quiet your rushing mind, and tap into the subtle forces of the Plants and natural elements in each product – the Spirit of the natural world is always present and available for those who are open to its teachings. It is through this reconciliation with Nature, I believe, that we may find our Sacred Selves again and raise our consciousness as a global society. 

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100% organic and ethically grown/harvested ingredients are used whenever possible. Plants are sentient beings whose healing properties extend beyond their life in the soil, so it is important that they are cared for and properly maintained throughout the entire process. It is not only the physical substance we are working with here, but the energy of the plants as well. Aside from the plants, there are a few other ingredients (always listed) that may go into some products, and I try my best to make sure those are organic as well.

Having said that, NO synthetic fragrances or harmful chemicals are used in the making of the body products. While scent can be a huge factor in the selling of a cosmetic product, I choose not to add any perfumes to them. Instead I allow the subtle scents of the plant itself to come through, and I only sometimes support it with essential oils for added scent. If you are familiar with essential oils and use them in your daily life (and are aware of their safety regulations) then I strongly encourage you to use them along with your new Hallowed product, if you feel that this will make the ritual more your own.


The Hallowed Apothecary a work in progress. It evolves as I do myself, and it too has its ebbs and flows. Since The Hallowed Apothecary was born from my own lifestyle and daily life, it is only natural that it continues to reflect my inner vision and vice versa. As mentioned earlier, this is my passion project and my brainchild. It goes everywhere with me, as it lives and breathes with me. Everything you see here is homemade and handmade with a lot of love, care, and attention to detail.

I heal through the creative process, in order to support you to heal through your own process. Together, we heal as the Earth Heals.

Thank you so much for stopping by – if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.


Layla Habib – Resident Hedge Witch + Creatrix